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Lighting and electricity for warehouses and logistics centers

We create comprehensive and efficient solutions for lighting and electricity distribution of warehouse complexes. We build systems that guarantee safety and reliability, and increase productivity.

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discount on design work (for a complex implementation contracts)

Warehouse lighting
  • Reduce the amount of estimates by 25-30% compared to the industry average per 1m2

  • Reduce the construction time of electrical and lighting systems by half

  • Increase the engineering reliability of the system

  • We use materials and components exclusively from European and North American brands

Engineering networks efficiency

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Before designing, we closely study the technological process. Based on the findings, we initiate a dialogue with related contractors, pre-agree on the principles of construction of all utilities with the customer, and thus create a concept of power supply and lighting.

  • The total cost of all systems at the construction stage

    the cost of equipment, time and cost of its installation.

  • Total cost of the ownership

    electricity costs, current maintenance and repairs.

  • Impact on safety and productivity during technological operation

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Stages of work

Starting from the pre-design stage, we provide seamless cooperation of participants in the engineering process of construction.

  • 01

    Concept generation

  • 02

    Lighting engineering design

  • 03

    Electrical design

  • 04

    Manufacture of luminaires

  • 05

    Manufacture of board equipment

  • 06

    Electrical installation works

  • 07

    Service maintenance

Lighting engineering design

We’ve created a unique approach to the construction of lighting systems for warehouses and logistics complexes. Light affects people's emotional state, concentration and attentiveness.

Our system meets all the requirements of building codes:

  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces staff turnover

  • Reduces operational errors and accidents at work

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Interior lighting

We've created a lighting scheme that not only technically meets the illumination standards, but also helps to increase safety and productivity.


Especially for the lighting of warehouses and logistics complexes, we created a special modification of the linear main luminaire NL Series W.

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  • Regardless of their height — 1.5 m or 14 m — the vertical illuminance of the surfaces is uniformly distributed and is 350-500 lux on the entire height of the rack equipment, which is the optimal indicator for the vision of workers and the duration of their periods of active concentration

  • The design of the modified lamp allows to carry out repair work without switching off the line. We simply disconnect the optical part of the lamp from the special mount and carry out repair, which is very simple and quick

  • Light warehouses, at the level of office spaces, without a significant increase in electricity consumption (approximately at the level of HIGH-BAY luminaires)

  • Narrow degree optical system closed by clear glass

  • The lighting system has a separate power line of the emergency lighting group and IP65 protection degree

  • 6-wire main wiring, which allows you to group the inclusion of lamps in the mode 25, 50, 75, 100%

Внутрішнє освітлення

Зона обробки вантажів чи палетного зберігання

  • Рівні освітленості до 350-400 люкс

  • Рівномірне освітлення

  • Режими освітлення 25, 50, 75, 100%

  • Спеціальна оптика для зменшення кількості світильників

Почати співпрацю
Внутрішнє освітлення
NL SERIES H SW iP 65 Спеціальна модифікація
NL SERIES J Super Wide iP 67

Outdoor lighting

For outdoor lighting, we have developed and manufacture cantilever lamps, which due to the special configuration and optics allow:

  • Reduce the number of lighting poles and lighting fixtures

  • Increase levels and uniformity of illumination

  • Increase traffic safety on the territory

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Electrical design

After analyzing the conditions of construction and operation of logistics centers, we were able to take into account and solve a wide range of features: from the placement of cable routes and lighting to prevent condensation in cold appliances.

«process synchronization»

Our approach to design and construction

Before the start of the project, we fix the key principles of building systems, and the basic electrical design takes place in parallel with construction.

This reduces the overall implementation time by at least half, and also allows to obtain project documentation that corresponds to the actual object.

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electro tech

Backup supply

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Such facilities always require an uninterruptible power supply, often through diesel generators. After all, in case of voltage loss at the two inputs, the electrical system must ensure the uninterrupted operation of the technological cycle.

  • reserve

    two synchronized diesel generators instead of one

    The electricity consumption of the facility is not constant and even. Therefore, the load on the guaranteed power supply system can also be different.

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    That is why we came to the conclusion that it is advisable to use two synchronized diesel generators instead of one. When you need to use backup power, they turn on at the same time, but all the power is distributed to the first, and the second works at minimum load

    This solution will increase the reliability of the system and significantly reduce the cost of the system and fuel consumption.

  • reserve

    division into several separate RIA devices

    When developing the principles of building automatic reserve input at DES, we took into account that not all systems require guaranteed backup power, and the time to switch to a backup power supply is not critical for a number of consumers.

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    Therefore, we divide the various systems into several RIA devices: ventilation equipment, refrigeration, charging stations, emergency lighting, server and computer equipment, fire extinguishing pumps, etc..

    We adjust the switching sequence so that the systems don’t start at the same time and don’t overload the diesel generator.

The refusal of the general RIA and its division into several separate devices significantly enhances the reliability of the system and its maintainability. This approach allows significantly:

  • Reduce construction costs

  • Improve maintainability

  • Strengthen system reliability

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Board equipment

For warehouses and logistics centers, we have developed a special approach to the layout and industrial design of switchboard equipment.

  • Board can be transferred to automated control

  • To increase operational safety for each board, we determine the range of all possible users of each shield

  • The main controls are placed in separate devices or placed on the board door

  • Implementation at our own production facilities, using components exclusively from European manufacturers

  • Before being sent to the site, each shield undergoes a series of mandatory routine laboratory tests

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Щитове обладнання

It's possible to place a set of input switchgear equipment with RIA of a large logistics complex in a small panel size 13m2.

Emergency lighting system

Our unique approach

allows to increase the reliability of the system, significantly reduce the construction budget and halve the cost of emergency lighting

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  • Emergency and evacuation lighting

    without the use of a large number of built-in battery packs in the luminaires

  • Uninterruptible power supply

    of critical information systems, security systems, video surveillance and fire alarm

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Electrical installation works

Electrical installation works

A feature of electrical work in warehouses and logistics complexes is the performing a significant number of operations at high altitudes using lifting mechanisms.

This significantly increases the cost and time of the project, so we began to search for opportunities to optimize and reduce these operations.

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Usually, in this case, high-beam luminaires such as HIGH-BAY are used, and an electric tray with cables is laid between the racks, each luminaire is connected separately via junction boxes.

Our comprehensive approach based on the rejection of the defective model:

Danger of darkness in the space between the shelves
If several units of lifting equipment work in the space between the racks at the same time, shadows are formed at high altitudes, which are dangerous for performing technological operations.
Differences in uniformity of illumination
This model does not provide enough uniform lighting at different heights and distances from the lamp. Such differences during a long work shift are very tiring for workers.
High costs of labor and time
At the installation stage, the standard approach requires a large number of operations and time: one 75-meter-long rack line is installed during the week.


Our comprehensive energy-efficient lighting and power distribution solution reduces construction time, guarantees the quality and reliability of utilities, increases workers' efficiency and reduces the overall cost of lighting and electrical systems

14–20 months

6-7 months

Term of construction of engineering networks for a large warehouse or logistics complex of class A

This term is due to the "synchronization of processes" and the fact that we independently cooperate with related organizations that design related engineering networks: water supply and sewerage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and more.

This reduces the number of corrections, refinements, and possible discrepancies that contractors face during construction.

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Приклад замірів освітленності
An example of lighting measurements in the logistics warehouse of our client

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